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37854 | Per favore della Soltana: powerful Ottoman women and Ragusan diplomats
37850 | Vol. 22 (2018) - p r i v r e m e n o
37674 | Legal status of crew members on pleasure craft and vessels used in nautical tourism
37852 | Radulović lineage of Dubrovnik and the Modena armorial
37673 | The contracts of construction of yachts and pleasure craft: an Italian perspective on the most relevant legal issues
37856 | Architecture of the Placa in Dubrovnik: a sixteenth-century project
37671 | The classification of pleasure craft in the Italian legal system: just a matter of definition or something more?
37853 | Thurifer angels of the crucifixion groupsin Ragusan friaries: wonders, images and cults
37672 | Contracts used for the charter or lease of pleasure vessels in pleasure navigation: an Italian perspective
37761 | Branko Lepen = loops : sculpture and drawings : petlje : skulpture i crteži : Gliptoteka HAZU, veljača-ožujak 2017