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NazivMuzikologija: magistarski i doktorski radovi

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34917 | Glagolitic Singing in Kraljevica: Interrelations of the Literary Historical Phenomena, Linguistic Textual Structures and Musical Characheristics of the Tunes
34056 | The Musico-theoretical written documents of Julije Bajamonti (1744-1800): Dictionary of music. Transcription, translation, comments : [sažetak magistarskog rada]
34080 | Libretto in the Croatian opera and its entrenchment in European and Croatian theatrical tradition : [sažetak doktorskog rada]
34866 | Folklore music practice and cultural policy : the paradigm of folklore festivals in Croatia
34964 | The Missal of Pula (11th century): the commissioned book from scriptorium Tegernsee for the St Thomas basilica in Pula - the so-called Liber sequentiarum from Šibenik
34650 | Evaluating the tone quality of musical instruments : [sažetak doktorskog rada]
34669 | Musical culture in the Split cathedral from 1750 till 1940
34842 | The library and collection of archive material of the Hrvatski glazbeni zavod (Croatian Music Institute) in Zagreb
34888 | Rezeptionsforschungen in der Musikwissenschaft und ihre Aussichten